Clayton Christensen endorses Yeah Samaké!

Professor Clayton Christensen endorses Yeah Samake! Professor Christensen is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth and his ideas have been widely used in industries and organizations throughout the world.

Yeah has the opportunity to become a significant leader in that nation. I want to describe what I see in this man. He has an instinct for networking people, for pulling them together, and to recognize that he as an individual can’t do much, but he has the ability as a leader to collaborate and build support…

He is a very engaging leader.

He could have stayed in America or gone to Europe and had a very successful personal career in his field of training but him and his wife decided to return to Mali and use their skills to change their part of the world. 

In an area that is filled with corruption, he is an honest man with great standards. He has grounded himself in a way that few people in that nation have. 


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