Mr. Ibrahim Traore, National Youth Bureau in Mali supports Yeah

– Mr. Ibrahim Traore, as a member of the national youth office, and as a leader who is confident that Mr. Yeah Samake will bring change, why do you support Yeah Samake?

-Why do I support Yeah Samake?  That is a great question. As it is today in Mali, the majority of people are poor. Why did I come to support the PACP? Because here, the poor can speak and be heard. I am here because I am poor. I see poverty everywhere I look in Mali, and so I joined the PACP.

In other parties the president comes, he has his own ideas and he doesn’t listen. But with the PACP the poor man can share his ideas. They are considered and if they seem like they will work the ideas get applied.

With the situation as it is today we must bring about change ourselves. If you give a man 10,000 francs in five days time, the money is gone. How then will he live? In suffering. That is how we feel today. But if you participate in change yourself, you will take the money and use it to get a goat. Ten years later, the goat will have helped the man develop. His family will have developed, the community and the village also. Then Mali itself will develop. That is how it worked in the United States and we need to imitate that.

Thank you.

-Thank you very much.


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