34 days to the election! Updates from Mali

We have received so many updates recently from the campaign in Mali. There are so many exciting things happening! Just over a month until the elections…will you help us win? Samake 2013 – Yeah Samaké for President!

Youth Movement in Mali


Recently our youth bureau headed by our youth leaders, Sibiri Mariko and Salif Tigana, launched a new project. They created a short video showing Yeah’s biography and all the things Yeah has done for Mali. The great thing about this video is that it is transferable by phones. 3 out 5 Malians possess a phone, if not more. This will allow the transfer of this video and in essence, create a ripple effect throughout the country of Mali. When one individual receives this video, he or she will likely forward it to at least 10-15 friends. We have over 5000 active youth leaders situated in the 8 regions throughout Mali. As each of them sent this message to at least 15 of their friends, 75,000 people viewed this video. Even if each of them only shared it with 5 friends, Yeah’s message would reach nearly 375,000 people. All in a matter of days, even hours.

In addition, our youth bureau is going full steam ahead by showing this video on projectors during the nights and on computers and notebooks during the day in all the communes in Bamako, the capital city.  We hope to spread to the rural regions as well with the video, but given that this video is transferable, we can just simply send this to our section leaders in the different rural towns and have them show it and spread it among their communities.

Tablets help youth spread the word

Tablets 1

As our youth and supporters continue to spread the word throughout Mali, they need the resources to share this message. Realistically, Yeah cannot travel to every village (often at least 4-10 hours away) to share his vision. They would like to use tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy 7.0) to download the videos and take them around to the rural villages to share the message of hope and change. A tablet costs about $200. They have already started to do this with tablets purchased by the campaign and it has been incredibly successful as we share Yeah’s vision!

72 Villages gather to support Yeah

The chiefs of the 72 villages of Djitimou gathered to discuss how they could better support Yeah’s candidacy.

A little back history: Yeah Samaké was born in Ouélessébougou and currently serves there as its Mayor. Ouélessébougou is one of the villages of the many villages that make up the area of Djitimou. In a village, the chief of the village is considered the guide and elder of the village and gaining their support is essential to gaining the villagers support. Each village can contain about 5,000 to 15,000 villagers. Hence, getting the support of the Chief of the village is essential to the success of the campaign. When we go into villages, one of our main stops is the Chief of the village. Their blessing ensures the success of the campaign in that village.

Villages 1

Billboards in Bamako

The team has erected 20 billboards throughout Bamako, Mali. The billboards follow a common theme of asking the Malian people to turn the page on 20 years of bad government, bad education, bad healthcare, insecurity and social injustice and welcome a candidate of change: Yeah Samaké. Incredible! These billboards will remain until the elections on July 28.

Billboard 1 Billboard 2

Campaigning underway in Mali

code bonne conduit

Yeah signed the “Code of Good Conduct” for political parties in Mali as the campaigning begins. Read more online at http://www.maliweb.net/news/politique/2013/06/13/article,152549.html

“With this signing, political parties and candidates commit to promote a republican spirit by creating a climate of trust between the parties and party coalitions, as well as between other competent authorities in the elections.”

Letter from Marissa Samaké


Read campaign updates in a letter from Marissa Samaké at http://eepurl.com/AN_U1

Read some recent newsletters:

Support is growing rapidly in Mali. Have you seen the PACP Mali Facebook Page? “Like” it for close-to-home updates on the campaign in Mali (it may be in French, but we can all understand the universal language of pictures).

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