Diallo soutient Yeah Samaké

-Omar Diallo, as a youth leader, I would like to know why you support Yeah Samake.

-Thanks for asking me that question. I have been thinking about it a lot recently and now, I feel prepared to answer it.

First, Yeah is young. He is young like the first black president of the United States. As a young person, Yeah has a clear vision for the future.  He wants to help the youth of Mali. He wants to preserve the identity of young people. He wants to show the world that the youth of Mali are determined.

It is said that each generation has a mission. We have the choice to complete our mission or to neglect it. We are not here to neglect it. We are dedicated the completion of our mission.

I know that Yeah Samake is a determined man. I know that he is an honest and a brave man.

Seeing his plans for the future, and the promises that he has made, it is clear that he is a man of heart and that he is a man capable of supporting young people. He has demonstrated that he is willing to accomplish things for Mali, the Mali of today.

His slogan is a great example of his goal “A new day for Mali”. I would add to his slogan by saying that it is not just a new day for Mali, but a new day for Africa and a new day for the world.

This is a dream that we can accomplish together, a future that we can build together.

Regardless of what others may say about Mr. Samake, I know that Yeah is a great man, he is an intelligent man.

If you will permit me to express myself, I would like to point out the many things that we have already seen him do. We have seen him build schools and establish communities.  We have seen him build fountains for communities so that they will no longer suffer from disease. We have seen many other projects completed.

This is the first time that I have had the opportunity to travel and thanks to Yeah Samake,  I have had the chance to see the French Ambassador to Mali. I am grateful to have the chance to see and to learn from such men.

It is thanks to Mr. Samake that I have had the opportunity to express myself in such a way and to highlight the determination of young people here in Mali. All of this is thanks to him.

Again his excellency Yeah Samake. And again, like we saw the other day the warm welcome he gave us as Mayor of Ouelessebougou and a future presidential candidate, he truly has come to submit himself to welcome us seriously and with an open heart as well. We would like to thank him, and we know that he will never ever leave the youth of Mali alone, and we support him to the death. Thank you.


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