Service before Politics by Dramane Bagayako

IMG_1945 IMG_1916

On Wednesday June 5th, the doctor Sidiki Aboubacar Fomba, Secretary General of PACP visited Baguineda. The visit was not political. We went to offer free cataracts to some of the people in Baguineda. Many men, women and even children came to get help with their eyes. Usually in Mali, a cataract surgery costs 50,000 CFA. In Mali, many people will go blind because they cannot pay this amount. Baguineda is not the first area we have visited to do this work. We also have visited many villages with an eye doctor and a surgeon to give free treatment in the village.

An older man I talked with started to cry as we talked about the surgery. He had not been able to see properly for many years. He said that in all his life, he had never seen a party or politician that serves the country and wants to develop it. He went on to say that he trusts PACP with the country of Mali and that he is ready to work with us.

I love this about my party PACP. We always try and help people in Mali. Many of us youth want to be like SEM Yeah Samake, because he is a good man who loves his people and wants the country to be prosperous. Vive PACP! Vive Yeah Samake.

** NOTE: 50000 cfa is equivalent to $100


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