UPDATE FROM MALI: Meeting the youth of Doubabougou by Ibrahima Togola


Our youth leader Sibiri Mariko led a delegation last week which met with the local youth of Doubabougou. I was so excited. We got to meet the youth leaders of the rural community of Doubabougou which is in the Cercle of Kati in the Koulikoro region ( south west Mali). After explaining who PACP was and what Yeah Samake has done for Mali even before he was a politician was an astonishment to the youth there. This is a rare thing in Mali to see men who serve to help and not in the name of politics.

The youth of the area agreed to follow PACP and Yeah Samake. They agreed to fight for change in Mali that this political party wants to bring to Mali. The youth committed themselves to support Yeah Samake till he becomes a President.

SEM Yeah Samake is the hope that many youth like myself see for our country. Too many years Mali has not progressed. Many politicians come and say they will bring Mali higher. They do not. They lie and pretend that they care about the people in election season. SEM Samake is different. He has served the Malian population before he became a politician. He has done many things for Mali in the name of service, not politics. We will support Yeah Samake for President of Mali because he is the hope of our country.


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