The Power of Youth by Adama Moussa Sanogo, Youth Leader in Mali

Adama Moussa Sanogo, a Youth Leader who is committed to Honorable Yeah Samake, candidate in the 2013 elections.

Why do you support him?

Before I begin, I would like to thank the journalists. I am here to support Honorable Yeah Samake, I am here to support him because he is a great man. Yeah Samake has done many things, because those who want change must do something so that society knows about it. That is why we support Yeah, he has done many things for the Malian people. He was placed ahead of all the University students in the U.S. and Mali because he is a great man. We canít give such honors to someone for nothing. Because he is committed. Mali has need of someone just like him, like Yeah Samake because he is a leader. Next, like is said in English: ìHe who controls his language controls his Mind. He knows why, how, and what he needs to be, the president. In Ouelessebougou he is well known. He is well known everywhere he goes. From Ouelessebougou to here in Bamako he is well known everywhere, because he is a man who is committed to his cause. He is a brave man that Mali needs. We need men just like Yeah Samake. Involved. Yeah Samake isn’t just anybody, because you see, the youth here in Mali support Yeah Samake, he is a young man and whoever wants change must follow the youth because there is courage between the youth and Yeah Samake. He is involved, he wants total change in this country that is Mali. If you see that us, the young leaders of the different universities here in Bamako are supporting Yeah Samake it is because he is committed to the youth. Whoever wants change, must first change the youth. The youth are the future of this country. He is with the youth. He shares ideas with us, which means he wants total change. This is why I, as a young leader, support him. Here in Mali, education has taken hit a hit. I know that if he wants to do something, he can do it. He is involved, he has shown the example everywhere. That is why I am here. He is a man committed to his cause and we must support him.


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