Zoumana Soumaoro supports Yeah Samaké

My name is Zoumana Soumaouro. I was born in 1970 in Ouelessebougou. Since I was born till 2013, the president was the same bad men. Now I am a driver. I have come to PACP because the President of PACP, Niankoro Yeah Samake, the Mayor of Ouelessebougou has a great vision. I love PACP. The first President was Modibo Keita and he passed power to Moussa Traore who then passed the power to ATT for two years. After that ATT gave the power to Alpha Oumar Konare and Alpha gave the same power to ATT. Really, we saw no change in our country, they covered up for each other and they only took the country’s money. The vision that Mayor Yeah Samake has will be good for our country. Yeah saw and said we need to develop the country. He has himself built schools, his first work is to educate the country. Now he has built more than 10 schools and has brought doctors every year to Ouelessebougou. People from as far as Sikasso come to Ouelessebougou to receive treatment. One day, my son was sick, I went to ask the richest guy in Ouelessebougou to borrow some money and he gave it to me. But when I returned home, my son had died. The next week, Yeah’s doctors came and I explained my situation to Yeah. Yeah sent his doctors and they treated all my children for free. At that time, I did not have a job and did not have any money.

Really, Yeah’s vision is limitless for Mali and our country needs someone like Yeah because if you take Mali in Africa, Mali is third largest producer of gold. If you look, we cannot understand how all other countries are more developed than Mali. When I was a child, we saw Mali’s money spent for guns, now where is all the equipment for our Army when we went to fight in the North?Where is the money gone?? We cannot even start to explain Mali’s problems. Mali has big problems. Mali needs good leadership. Mali is not a poor country. Mali has been poor in leadership. Who is good leader? Someone who does good for his country and serves his country. All the time we change the same old leaders with more old leaders. People need to open their eyes to know it is time to change the country.

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