My favorite part of interning for Samaké2013 is when I would attend events that people would host in their homes.  The people that attended often had no clue who Yeah was; they were attending only because it was their friend or neighbor that was hosting the event.  However, despite their initial lack of awareness, they instantly loved and believed in Yeah after hearing him speak and meeting him.  I love speaking to these people and hearing their enthusiasm for Yeah—too bad foreigners cannot vote in the Malian election!


While we who do not call Mali home are not able to vote in their elections, we can still figuratively cast our vote by telling others about Yeah, sharing the message of Samake2013, and donating to his campaign.  This election is not just about Mali.  It is not just about Africa or the developing world.  Every country should be focused on the Malian elections on July 7th because what happens there is going to make an impact.  Hopefully, Yeah will be elected so that it will be a positive impact—Yeah can change his country, which can change the world.


So in these final weeks, let’s all get involved with Samake2013 and be agents in bringing positive change to the world!



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