PACP Conference by Dramane Bagayako


May 22nd was a very important day and a great day for PACP members. As I entered the conference room at the Centre International Centre Bamako, it was full and there was so many people that some even had to stand. The rest of our youth group sang our song of support for Yeah Samake and PACP as they entered the Conference Hall. Our song goes like:

Wassa lè wassa!!!!
dion dé bé anw wassa?
Yeah samaké dé bé anw wassa!!! Wassa.

In English:

Mr. Yeah Samaké is the one who makes malian youth happy.
“All for yeah. Yeah for all.”
“United we all win,but separated we all loose”.
Yeah on the palace, that’s the only thing we want. Yeah forever!!!!!!!

When Yeah spoke, all the party’s delegates were very happy. His speech brought the people in the room to clap for him many times. Even the PACP Secretary General Fomba spoke about all the good things that PACP has done for Mali. All the delegates of the party that came from all over Mali was so happy. They kept saying how Yeah and this party is the only one with a vision that is good for Mali. PACP has the best vision to change and develop Mali to be a better country. PACP is the only party that can show its hand in education. PACP is the only party that can show its hand in healthcare in Mali. PACP and Yeah Samake have a good vision. I support Yeah! I trust he is the solution to Mali’s many problems.  Vive PACP.


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