Susan and Adrian Escalante Support Yeah!

We would love to have a dollar for every time we have heard an American say they wished that Yeah Samake was running for president of The United States!  The reason people like President-elect Samake is because he is genuine, transparent, honest, brilliant and a true leader with integrity. Did I say brave? He is also very courageous!

Those of us who know him or who have heard his story, recognize that without a doubt, this is a man whom you can believe and trust. It seems as though God  has hand-picked this man, Samake, to start the process to bring Mali into the light: the light of enterprise, the light of knowledge, and the light of global presence. No longer will Mali remain in the darkness of illiteracy, but will rise like a phoenix by forming a model of success that other countries will be allowed – and even invited – to duplicate. Success can belong to everyone, and Mayor Samake is sharing this vision with not only his fellow-citizens in Mali but with citizens of America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and all of Africa.

We support Team Samake because all the team-members are like-minded and willing to work and sacrifice to see this vision come to fruition. Team Samake backs a man whose principles are clear and effective to bring a positive change to his country.

This is only a beginning of new thought leadership and it starts right here, right now, with the right candidate winning the 2013 Mali Presidential election; Niankoro Yeah Samake.



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