How I See Yeah Samaké by Eric Call

2013-04-16 12.35.30

Eric Call

Through my work with Samake 2013, I’ve come to know a little better Yeah Samake, the man who could very possibly become the next president of Mali.

Yeah Samake is a strong leader, devoted father and husband, brilliant thinker, and to me a great friend. I am inspired by his words each time I hear him speak. I see in him the qualities I wish political leaders in my own native United States had. He is a leader by example, and is completely devoted to his country and his people. Everything he does he does for them.

Yeah has helped me to understand the power behind honesty, integrity, tact, and devotion to one’s cause. He has helped learn skills that I have struggled to develop for years. Through his honesty and vision he has brought change and hope tens of thousands of Malians, he can do so much good already, imagine what he could do as president. He knows what is needed to climb from poverty and change one’s destiny. He sacrificed for his education, he sacrificed for his family, he has sacrificed for his people.

I strongly believe in Yeah and all that he stands for. As a student, a friend, and a human being I fully support Yeah Samake and his platform. #isupportyeah

2013-04-11 19.33.26


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