MALI: Youth Groups in Bamako by Dramane Bagayako and Ibrahima Togola

This account is by Dramane Bagayako, a Youth Leader in Bamako, Mali.

Saturday May 11th 2013, was an awesome day for the youth who are part of the AJLCDM. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit with PACP President Yeah Samake. My group is very supportive of Yeah and his vision for a good Mali. We believe that SEM Samake can bring a lot of change to Mali. About 35 youth leaders attended the meeting. We listened carefully to SEM Samake’s thoughts on how we the youth can bring change to Mali. We also had an opportunity to meet with the National Youth Bureau. The Youth Bureau organized a show. They performed a play about corruption and how the youth should follow Yeah’s honest example. The show is a great way to help all people understand more about corruption and how to stop it.

IMG_7843 IMG_7840 IMG_7829 IMG_7828

Our group is very excited to continue our work for PACP. We want to support SEM Yeah Samake because we believe that he will change the opportunities we have in Mali. After these meetings, my group volunteered our weekend to campaign in the villages of Dio and also Yelekebougou.
I continue to believe that PACP is the only example for change to develop Mali. The Malian people are tired and feel betrayed. No one can say Yeah has not helped Mali. We can see all he does for Malians not only in Ouelessebougou but in many villages where he has built schools and brought doctors. We continue to keep our promise that we will follow him.
There was another small meeting over the weekend as well, led by Ibrahima Togola and Bourama Traore. In a statement from Ibrahima:
“The meeting began Sunday, May 12, 2013, in DIALAKORODJI started at 17:00. The PACP delegation was introduced by Vice President Bourama Traore. Based on achievements of Yeah, he briefly spoke of all that Yeah has done in building schools, hospitals and giving scholarships to students.
During the meeting there were representatives of three committees of Dialakorodji namely Dialakorodji koko, Dialakorodji kouloussanfaila and of Dialakorodji Sougou.
As is a custom, we went to greet the village chief who gave his blessings to the PACP Party.
Good ideas have been advanced by these three committees and they have advised that they are ready for mobilization in the surrounding communities. The atmosphere was one of welcome as the residents of Dialakorodji showed us that they will give us support in the next elections.”

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