Cristina Fritzche Supports Yeah!

My name is Cristina Fritzsche. I am a University of Utah Graduate in Anthropology, mother of 3 and a supporter of Yeah Samake. I met Yeah Samake 2 years ago when he moved to our neighborhood in Utah. As I got to know him better I was impressed with so many things about him. Some of which are his love and commitment to the country of Mali, the drive and desire he has to make a difference by empowering the Malian people and his transparency in politics.

I can honestly say I have never endorsed a candidate for political office in the United States because I never felt they valued people, just the fame and position. I can without any hesitation endorse Yeah Samake. True to his word he will lead the Malian people with Integrity and Loyalty.

Why is this so important to me? As a mother I see how connected we are globally. I know that what happens in a country far from me does have far reaching effects in the global economy and community. When we are able to connect with our global friends we create a positive environment for learning and understanding others. I wish Yeah Samake the best as he completes the final months for his presidential bid.



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