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Every country including Mali needs strong leaders in order to develop. Good leaders are what my beloved country Mali needs now. We need people who are willing to fight for the best of this country. We need people who care enough to go through sleepless nights, sacrifice their time, and energy to build a tremendous future for Mali. Yeah Samake is one of the people I believe can and will be a great leader for Mali. Leadership is not only about power, making decision and so on, but it is also about caring, determination, devotion and passion. You have to care about a country, its citizens and every single souls in it, in order to be it’s leader. I have known Yeah Samake for many years now, and I am convinced that he is the leader we need in Mali right now.

Yeah have done so much for Mali that everyone who knows him will agree with me that he is a wonderful caring person. He is someone who can and will take Mali to the next level; he has the potential, the ability, the skills, the determination, the energy, and the devotion to lead Mali and build an amazing future for it. I know you might be wondering why I am saying all of these, well it is just because I am a citizen, a child of Mali; therefore, I can only hope for the best of this country and the best for Mali is a leader like Yeah Samake.

Like I said before leadership is not about power, it is about what you can do, your abilities to make a difference and change the norms of things. Yeah has been fighting for good quality education for Mali. He has been restless in finding ways to not only build school for unprivileged children but also to bring the help that Mali need in order to move forward. Education is very important and as we know, it is not every individual who has the chance to receive a good and decent education. By building schools in Mali, Yeah have given the chance and opportunity to children to receive an education. Children who could not afford or even dream of going to school can now enjoined school, and learn everything from it.  Children are the future of a country, and Mali is not an exception, so we need someone, a leader who cares about our children, who cares about what our children are going to be in the future. Moreover, Yeah Samake does only build schools in Mali, but he also help students to further their education Abroad, especially in the United States. I am one of the students who have been brought in the United States by Mr. Samake. He gave many students, like myself, the opportunity to get a good education in the US, and until now Yeah Samake continues to fight for education, as he is helping Malians to continue their study abroad.

Who does not want the best for his/her country? Yeah Samake is what Mali needs right now.

Marie Poudiougou

Student at Utah Valley University

Majoring in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations and a minor in French and Spanish

Supporter of Yeah Samake


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