Adele and Steve Kammeyer Support Yeah!

We first met Yeah about 6 1/2 years ago on a snowy evening in Salt Lake City, where we were introduced by a mutual friend. We met for dinner and to discuss ways to further humanitarian work in Mali: specifically Ouelessebougou, where we had previously traveled twice with a surgical team. We went to perform gynecological surgery on women there. As we talked we learned of Mali Rising Foundation, and possible ways of joining forces.

Since meeting Yeah, we have had many opportunities to observe him as he works tirelessly for improvements in Mali. He has also been extremely helpful to us in our endeavors as we have continued to travel to Mali each year after Christmas. We are proud to call him friend.

We have seen the good he has done for his community while serving as mayor. We have come to know him as a man of integrity who has great love for God, his country and for his fellow men. We wholeheartedly support his bid to become president of Mali, and to this end, he and his wonderful family are continually in our thoughts and prayers.



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