U.S. Summit for Malian Delegation

The U.S. Summit with the Malian Delegation was a success! We are grateful to everyone who helped make it happen, particularly to the Utah League of Cities and Towns, Empower Mali, and those companies and organizations that hosted the delegation during their time in Utah.

The Malian delegates in attendance were:

  • Nampaga Coulibaly, Mayor of Misseni
  • Diarha Diarra, Mayor of Moribabougou
  • Sekou Boubacar Doucoure, Mayor of Tele
  • Malik Guindo, City Council Member from Doucoumbo
  • Barakatoulahi Keita, Partnership Coordinator for the Association of Malian Municipalities
  • Malick Keita, Mayor of N’Gabacoro
  • Ousmane Kouyate, City Manager of Ouelessebougou
  • Birama Traoré, Mayor of Kirané

Meeting with Councilman Christensen at the Salt Lake City Hall


Meeting with a local fire department

On the first day of their visit, the delegates met with the President of the Utah League of Cities and Towns and with Councilman Christensen.  They also attended an open house at the Hinckley Institute of Politics, where they were able to interact with many students and prominent, local leaders.  To conclude the first day, the delegates went to three different Utah cities (Sandy, Ogden, and South Jordan) for tours and city council meetings. They visited the local police and fire departments, discussed budgeting and financial controls, etc.




On the second day of the Summit, the delegates visited the Waste Management Transfer Station, the Salt Lake Valley Landfill, Parley’s Canyon Water Facilities, and Salt Lake City Waste Water Facility.  At all of these locations, the delegates were very interested in and impressed by the size and efficiency of the various operations.  Also, they met briefly with the Utah Sister City Association and met with individuals from throughout Utah that would be interested in building a sister city relationship with their cities in Mali.  Finally, the went to the World Trade Center Utah and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and met with the African representative.


Visiting the Utah State University Water Lab

On the third and final day of the Summit, the Malian delegates went to Logan, Utah, to visit the various research facilites at Utah State University, such as the Utah Water Research Laboratory and the Agricultural School.  This visit brought a good discussion about water in Mali and possible solutions.  Next, they met with Elder Gay of the Quorum of the Seventy of the LDS Church.  Elder Robert Gay is in charge of employment, education, and new business startups worldwide. He has worked extensively in East and West Africa. At this meeting, they discussed the role of the church in helping young people to find work after they have graduated.

The third day, the Malian delegation visited Welfare Square and were very impressed by the scale of the welfare program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  To conclude the Summit, the delegation had dinner at The Garden Restaurant in Salt Lake City, courtesy of ULCT.  Here, the delegation took turns relating their overall opinion of the trip and what they would like to improve and what they appreciated. Each delegate expressed their desire to build further relationships and partnerships with many of the individuals and organization with which they met.

We look forward to future summits with delegates from Mali.


Dinner at The Garden in Salt Lake City


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