Ibrahima Togola Supports Yeah!

My name is Ibrahima Togola. I am currently studying English at the University in Bamako, Mali. I am a big supporter of Mr. Yeah Samaké.

ibrahima togola

The Party for the Civic Action and Patriotic Action (PACP) is one of the youngest parties of my country Mali.

But I can confirm that it is the only party which gives the youth a larger chance to speak. It is a great step forward because other political parties do not have a majority of youth support. However the youth represent nearly 62.33 percent of the Malian population

The vision that this party is different from  the other parties  which exist in Mali  since PACP  teaches true democracy to the Malian youth, who have no access to information. The old political parties have destroyed and taken Government money but PACP will serve the Malian Nation with honesty.


YEAH Samaké, President of PACP inspires me by the progress that he brings to my country. There is no Leader who has done this. My country suffers from a lack of education. Yeah Samaké continues the progression of education through the inclusion of all children living in rural areas by building a school in each village. Yeah Samaké also wants to meet the challenge of development; therefore, the second largest hospital in Mali was built on the initiative of the Mayor Samaké in his own community of OUELESSEBOUGOU.

PACP speaks and works in all areas of development in Mali. PACP teaches all members of the party or Malians to cultivate good citizenship and patriotism because our country needs it right now. The former leaders showed us a single path which is to empty the cash of the Malian State for their own need.


The famous phrase that PACP has taught me is that a Malian citizen must ask himself/herself what he/she can provide to develop Mali and not what Mali can do for him/her. YEAH Samaké calls all Malians to be united  to develop  MALI: ‘United we win all, divided we lose all ‘. I love PACP because it is the party which can meet  the challenge of our development.ibrahima


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