New Youth Movement to Support Yeah!

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On March 23, 2013, it was the first meeting for our group, AJLCDM in Faladie, Mali. My name is Dramane Bagayoko and I together with 25 other youth leaders in different areas of Bamako got together to form a youth movement to get Yeah Samake elected as President. AJLCDM stands for Association des Jeunes Leaders pour le changement et de la Decentralization du Mali (Association of Young Leaders for Change and Decentralization in Mali).

We created this group to better support Yeah Samake and to spread the word about his political party PACP all over Mali. Mr. Samake spoke to us about his biography. What motivates us is that it is a powerful, incredible biography of one man who came from a village but has the vision to change Mali. We are ready to fight for Yeah Samake’s victory. We are ready to support an honest leader like Yeah Samake.

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As Yeah spoke at our meeting, I saw a few people crying as they heard his story. Now you must know, Malians do not like to cry. So it was powerful to see that Mr . Samake could move the youth in the room like this. The President of our Association decided that he would lead the association to fully support Yeah. We , the youth, understand that we need a person who has helped the youth and will continue to help youth. We know that Mr. Samake will create the educational opportunities for the youth so Mali can be a great country filled with many opportunities.

To start our activities, we will host a number of soccer matches among the different districts in Bamako. This will allow us to raise alot of attention about Yeah Samake as these matches will be well attended by all the university students in the area.

We will continue to give our voice to this leader as we believe in his efforts and we believe that he is the best chance for Mali.youth movement 1


One thought on “New Youth Movement to Support Yeah!

  1. Harold Rust says:

    I’ve told my neighbors about Yeah. Even though folks out here in Oregon don’t really know where Mali is, I hope that at least of few of them become more aware of the critical events occurring there this year which will indeed have long-term consequences for the U.S. as well. Go Yeah!
    Harold Rust, Lake Oswego, Oregon

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