Eric Call: Intern for Samake 2013

I first had the opportunity to meet Yeahat an event at the home of Dave and Jerry Winder in Salt Lake City Utah. By that time I had been working on his campaign for several weeks already. I found out about Yeah and who he is and what he stands for through my sister-in-law, a personal friend of Yeah’s, having worked with him in Mali. She told me nothing but glowing things about him and what he stood for as a politician and a man. When I finally had the chance to meet him, I was overwhelmed by his kindness and humility, as well as by how deeply he loves his country and believes in what he is trying to do for it. I will continue to support @YeahSamake throughout these elections because I also believe in what he stands for! #isupportyeah


J’ai premièrement eu l’occasion de rencontrer Yeah Samaké à une soirée chez Dave et Jerry Winder à Salt Lake City Utah. A ce moment là j’avais déjà travaillé sur sa campagne pour quelques semaines. J’ai entendu par rapport Yeah de ma belle soeur qui est une amie personnelle de Yeah, ayant travaillé avec lui à Mali. Elle m’avais dit que des bonnes choses par rapport lui et ce qu’il fait comme politicien et comme homme de famille. Quand j’ai finalement eu l’occasion de le rencontrer moi-même j’étais presque bouleversé par sa gentillesse, humilité, et aussi par son amour pour son pays et combien il croit en ce qu’il essaye de faire pour Mali. Je continuerai de supporter @YeahSamake pendant toute cette élection parce que je croit aussi en ce qu’il essaye de faire! #jesupporteyeah!


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