Kaitie Jowers: Intern for Team Samaké!

I first met Yeah in November, 2012, where I had the privilege to have breakfast with him and my father.  Going into the breakfast, I regret to say that I had not done much research on who Yeah was.  However, I was immediately amazed by Yeah.  One of my favorite things about him is that he is very compassionate–I know that he cares about me even though I have not known him for that long.  Even at that first breakfast, he talked to me about my life and what I was interested in instead of just answering emails and phone calls which is what I expected him to do.  Since I have began working on his campaign, he has personally called and emailed me multiple times just to say thank you and to check in with how I am doing.  I never expected a presidential candidate to care so much, and it has helped me to realize that Yeah is the leader that Mali and the world needs.


I know that this level of compassion is elevated with the people of Mali.  Despite all the accolades and leadership traits Yeah clearly possesses, I believe his compassion for and dedication to his people puts him on a tier all his own.  Yeah will succeed in positively transforming Mali because of his deep love for all Malians.


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