Dramane Bagayoko Supports Yeah

My name is Dramane Bagayoko. I am studying English at the University in Bamako, Mali. I am 25 years old. I am based in Mali, West Africa. I accompany Yeah Samake on many of his trips to take photographs and help campaign.


I have known Yeah for more than 10 years. I am a big supporter of Yeah Samake and his party Parti pour L’Action Civique et Patriotique ( Party for Civil and Patriotic Actions). In my opinion, the campaign is going very well. The people here support PACP. All the meetings have a lot of people attending. Many people attend PACP and have joined because they see the wonderful things SEM Yeah Samake has done for Mali. Everybody says there is no comparison between the leader of PACP and other party presidents. The reason is because Yeah Samake is an example of what a leader is. Why? Because he is honest, knows what Malians are suffering and also shows his love for his country through his work. PACP has the best chance to win this election.

When I was in school in Ouelessebougou, I have seen what Yeah Samake has done as Mayor. Now we have a high school in Ouelessebougou. Many of my friends drop out of school because they could not come to Bamako like me to study. Now they can go to a high school in their own community. I see that a new hospital is being built. Many of my relatives and our children would die because the hospital was too far away and too expensive. When the new hospital comes in 2014, it will help many people because it will be the biggest hospital in the entire region. We have clean water pumps now in Ouelessebougou. The living is better and the people there love Yeah Samake. Not because he is a child of Ouelessebougou but because of the great work he has done for the children and people of Ouelessebougou. Now great people from outside come to Ouelessebougou to see the many things we have that many other communities do not have.

I am sure Yeah Samake will be President because I can see only one way to change this country. Without Yeah’s ideas, we cannot change for the better. Conversations everywhere, people talk about what Yeah has done for Mali. From building schools in the villages to bringing medical help from the United States, donations of food to the refugees, scholarships for students, and the change in Ouelessebougou. I have faith in PACP because of its leadership. I have faith in Yeah Samake. And I have faith that Mali will be a great country again under Yeah Samake’s leadership. Among all leaders only Yeah has the good vision to change Mali.

That is why I support Yeah Samake for President of my country Mali.

Dra and Yeah


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