Go Team Samaké!

My name is Kaitie Jowers, and I proudly support Yeah Samaké!  I am a freshman studying Political Science at the University of Utah, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be an intern for Samaké2013.  I love the work I do and I am doing it because I strongly believe in the change that Yeah Samaké can bring.


This is a site dedicated to Yeah Samaké, Malian Presidential candidate.  We are the volunteers–we are not in this for the money or the glory, we are in this because we know Yeah can bring positive, effective change to his country.  We believe that Mali is very important; even if we do not live there (or have never been there), we know that what happens in Mali can influence the rest of the world.  If and when Yeah is elected, we know his leadership abilities, integrity, and accountability will be the force that Mali needs to rise up out of poverty.

A little about Yeah: Niankoro Yeah Samaké was born and raised in poverty in Ouélessébougou, Mali.  His father suffered incredible economic sacrifice to send all 18 of his children to school.  Due to this dedication to education, Yeah went on the complete a bachelors degree in teaching English as a second language in Bamako, Mali and then earned a masters degree in Public Policy Administration at Brigham Young University.  Yeah became director of the Mali Rising Foundation in 2004 which has built 14 schools so far.  In 2009, Yeah returned to Ouélessébougou to run for mayor, and was elected with 86% of the vote.  He has revolutionized his hometown into one of the top ten cities in Mali.  He has earned the respect of his peers and was appointed as vice president of the League of Mayors.  Yeah was recruited in 2011 to run for president with the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP).  Yeah plans to transform Mali into a model of real democracy and improve the education system, revamp the health system, and reduce the damning effects of corruption.

We hope you will join us in support of Yeah Samaké!  If you want to get more involved, please email us at teamsamake@gmail.com.  Check out the “Connect” tab to connect with us on social media! #isupportyeah

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