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Win a dinner with Yeah Samaké!

If you had the chance to have dinner with Yeah, would you?  Here’s your chance!  Donate at least $30 at by tomorrow night and you will be entered for a chance to win!

Yeah Samake portrait

The dinner will take place in Utah at a restaurant of the winner’s choosing.  The winner be selected at random and will be notified by email.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event page:


Sibiri Mariko Supports Yeah

My name is Sibiri MARIKO, President of the Youth Movement for the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action  (PACP) and Secretary at PACP  headquarters.

Sibiri Mariko

I support the candidacy of His Excellency Niankoro Yeah SAMAKE for Mali as the face and promotion of youth in the general election in 2013.

I also support his foresight, his skill, his youth, his intellect, and his outspokenness. Samaké is the man who fights for the future of youth , particularly those that have been marginalized.

Decentralization is a prerequisite for the development of a country. For an application of this process, it requires a strong political will. Mali is experiencing a crisis. SAMAKE is the solution to meet this challenge.

Agriculture occupies over 70% of the population of Mali. As President, SAMAKE will make a political initiative for irrigation so that Malian farmers will no longer depend on the whims of the climate.

Mali is not a poor country but our country was depleted by our leaders so it is time we change leadership, it is time we change the way of managing this country. These are just few elements of the successful program of Mr. SAMAKE. I encourage everyone who loves Mali to support the candidacy Yeah SAMAKE for change.


Je m’appelle Sibiri MARIKO, Président du Mouvement des Jeunes de Parti pour l’Action Civique et Patriotique (PACP) et Secrétaire permanent au siège du PACP.

Je soutien la candidature de S.E Niankoro Yeah SAMAKE puisque le Mali a besoin qu’on face la promotion de la jeunesse pour l’élection générale 2013.

Je le soutien également à travers sa clairvoyance, sa compétence, sa jeunesse, sa capacité intellectuel, son franc parler pour ne citez que cela.

Samaké est l’homme qui ce bat pour l’avenir de cette jeunesse brutaliser, marginaliser.

La décentralisation est un passage obligé pour le développement d’un pays. Pour une application de ce processus, il faut une volonté politique forte.

L’école malienne connait une crise profonde aujourd’hui, SAMAKE à la solution pour relever ce défit.

L’agriculture occupe plus de 70% de la population malien. SAMAKE étant Président va prendre une politique d’initiative irrigation pour faire que les paysans maliens ne dépendent plus des caprices climatiques.

Le mali n’est pas un pays pauvre, notre pays à été appauvri, pars nos leaders donc il est temps que nous changeons de leadership, il est temps que nous changeons la façon de gérer ce pays.

Et voici ces quelques éléments d’un programme riche de Mr SAMAKE qui pousse à tout patriote qui aime le Mali de soutenir la candidature de Yeah SAMAKE pour qu’en fin le changement tant entendu puis arrivée.

Voici les raisons qui me poussent à soutenir la candidature de Yeah SAMAKE

Eric Call: Intern for Samake 2013

I first had the opportunity to meet Yeahat an event at the home of Dave and Jerry Winder in Salt Lake City Utah. By that time I had been working on his campaign for several weeks already. I found out about Yeah and who he is and what he stands for through my sister-in-law, a personal friend of Yeah’s, having worked with him in Mali. She told me nothing but glowing things about him and what he stood for as a politician and a man. When I finally had the chance to meet him, I was overwhelmed by his kindness and humility, as well as by how deeply he loves his country and believes in what he is trying to do for it. I will continue to support @YeahSamake throughout these elections because I also believe in what he stands for! #isupportyeah


J’ai premièrement eu l’occasion de rencontrer Yeah Samaké à une soirée chez Dave et Jerry Winder à Salt Lake City Utah. A ce moment là j’avais déjà travaillé sur sa campagne pour quelques semaines. J’ai entendu par rapport Yeah de ma belle soeur qui est une amie personnelle de Yeah, ayant travaillé avec lui à Mali. Elle m’avais dit que des bonnes choses par rapport lui et ce qu’il fait comme politicien et comme homme de famille. Quand j’ai finalement eu l’occasion de le rencontrer moi-même j’étais presque bouleversé par sa gentillesse, humilité, et aussi par son amour pour son pays et combien il croit en ce qu’il essaye de faire pour Mali. Je continuerai de supporter @YeahSamake pendant toute cette élection parce que je croit aussi en ce qu’il essaye de faire! #jesupporteyeah!

March 22: Anniversary of the Mali Coup

I distinctly remember the emotions I felt that first day: nervous, scared, anxious, even excited? History in the making. I remember the fear that initially paralyzed me, followed by an undeniable peace as I remembered

Everything happens for a reason…

A year ago, on March 22, 2012, I was in Mali when there was a military coup. At the time, I, Elisabeth Jessop, was an intern for Yeah Samaké’s campaign in Bamako, Mali. Never did I imagine that I would experience a military coup.

I distinctly remember that day. I heard the gunshots in the streets as the military rushed to control the presidential palace and parts of the city.

I was downtown Bamako Wednesday afternoon, March 21, when I heard news of the military instability and potential coup. We headed home, unconcerned, but little did we know what would happen in the coming hours…it’s crazy how things can change so quickly.

On Wednesday morning, Malian military troops at their base camp in Kati (just outside of Bamako), were visited by a new Defense Minister. They quickly became upset because they have not received enough weapons, or food, to match the power and control of the nomadic Tuareg rebels in the North. Because of this situation, there are about 180,000 Malian refugees displaced and without food, shelter, and other basic needs. Many have died due to the situation in the north as well.

After the unfriendly visit of the Defense Minister, the military quickly seized the military base and then marched to the presidential palace in Bamako. They looted the place and riddled the cars and building with bullets. The coup was very spontaneous and not very well-planned, in my opinion. For a while, the whereabouts of President Amadou Toumani Touré (ATT) were unknown but they are now saying they have him and he is safe. Wednesday afternoon, Yeah was actually downtown finishing a meeting when he saw the military, led by Captain Amadou Aya Sanogo, surround the national TV station, ORTM. They shot into the air. Soon after, TV and radio stations were shut down and they took control. The military quickly surrounded the central parts of Bamako, and later the neighboring areas of Bamako as well, making it difficult to go anywhere. They quickly captured several other high-ranking government officials, looted their homes and other government buildings, as well as random local offices. All throughout the evening and throughout the next 2 days, we could hear residential gunfire as the military shot their guns in the air, making their presence known.

After we were moved to a safe, unknown location, Kyle Rehn, the other intern in Mali with me, and I were interviewed via Skype with KSL and were featured in this article: Coup in Mali hits close to home

On this day, I celebrate the return of democracy and a hopeful future for Mali.


I am determined that Yeah Samaké will become the next President of Mali.

Kaitie Jowers: Intern for Team Samaké!

I first met Yeah in November, 2012, where I had the privilege to have breakfast with him and my father.  Going into the breakfast, I regret to say that I had not done much research on who Yeah was.  However, I was immediately amazed by Yeah.  One of my favorite things about him is that he is very compassionate–I know that he cares about me even though I have not known him for that long.  Even at that first breakfast, he talked to me about my life and what I was interested in instead of just answering emails and phone calls which is what I expected him to do.  Since I have began working on his campaign, he has personally called and emailed me multiple times just to say thank you and to check in with how I am doing.  I never expected a presidential candidate to care so much, and it has helped me to realize that Yeah is the leader that Mali and the world needs.


I know that this level of compassion is elevated with the people of Mali.  Despite all the accolades and leadership traits Yeah clearly possesses, I believe his compassion for and dedication to his people puts him on a tier all his own.  Yeah will succeed in positively transforming Mali because of his deep love for all Malians.

Elisabeth Jessop: Intern and Campaign Manager


A little girl, Tatiana, in the rural village of Kouri, Mali

My name is Elisabeth Jessop. I was an intern in Bamako, Mali on the Malian Presidential Campaign for Yeah Samaké. Little did I know, my time in Mali was just the beginning. I quickly grew close to the Samaké family and became very dedicated to the success of the campaign. I was in Mali when the military coup occurred last March and was evacuated a week later. After leaving Mali, I continued to work on the campaign: sending email newsletters (yes, that’s me), answering emails, and raising support in the U.S. Now, as we blaze through the final 111 days of the campaign, I am leading our efforts in the U.S. as the North America Campaign Manager.

And this is why #isupportyeah.

Those who meet Yeah love him immediately. He has a glowing smile that radiates through the room. He is full of energy, life, and passion. He is PASSIONATE about serving his country and his people. He is a genuinely good man working to truly make a difference. I want to be like him. He has the strength to overcome anything. He lived in the United States for about 10 years before returning to Mali to become mayor of his hometown…how many people leave their home country, come to America, and return? Very few…honestly, I don’t know if I would return to Mali after being in the States. I love the people, I love the culture, but for one, it is SO hot! It’s a sacrifice. But Yeah will sacrifice anything to help his people. He’s dedicated to a cause. He is truly concerned about his country. He amazes me.

He isn’t like other politicians…

For one, he’s honest. Always. He’s transparent. I can ask him anything and everything and he will give me the facts. He is not corrupt. In fact, he is doing all of his fundraising in the US to avoid corruption…he has no foreign interests or large donors in Mali.

The first time I saw Yeah formally speak at the PACP Conference in Bamako, Mali. Inspired.

He has a big heart and a big head…he is not in any way egotistical but he is very intelligent. He thoroughly thinks through the issues at hand before suggesting a long-term solution. He’s very sympathetic and compassionate towards everyone. He never acts like he’s better than others. He is so genuine. He never gives up and he is full of optimism and excitement. Oh and did I mention that he never even makes fun of my bad French? He only encourages me to keep doing my best.  Yeah never wastes an opportunity. One of the most valuable things he has taught me:

“Have you ever been opportunity knocking? Explore – you don’t know what’s out there waiting for.” 

I am ambitious but this incredible man has encouraged me to reach above and beyond the stars in places I didn’t even know existed.

He has achieved so much. Like I said, you can read it all over the web, but let me just say that as mayor, within 3 years, he increased the tax collection rate from the initial 10% to 86%. The people trust him. I have seen it myself first hand. The people of Ouélessébougou LOVE him. He has brought lots of water pumps and electricity to villages in Ouélessébougou. He has built many schools. As mayor, he governs over 44,000 people. Look at what he has done in 3 and 1/2 years! What could he do for the 15 million Malians during his 5 years as President? I can’t wait to find out!

Not only is Yeah a talented, genuine, big-hearted politician, but he is an incredible father and husband. He is always looking out for his wife and children. He’s a family man – and I admire that. I have nothing but good words to say about the Samaké family. They are incredible and they are working together to help change the future of Mali – a quick shout out to his wife, Marissa! She’s amazing.

When I first was offered the opportunity to go to Mali, I felt unsure. The opportunity to work on a presidential campaign was not appealing to me. But, after talking to a few friends who had met Yeah Samake, and had nothing but good things to say about him, I decided to dive right in. It was one of the best decisions I made.

My life has been changed because I know Yeah. He inspires me.


Kyle Rehn, another intern, and I with Yeah and Marissa in Mali for the last time before heading back to the States. March 2012.

Dramane Bagayoko Supports Yeah

My name is Dramane Bagayoko. I am studying English at the University in Bamako, Mali. I am 25 years old. I am based in Mali, West Africa. I accompany Yeah Samake on many of his trips to take photographs and help campaign.


I have known Yeah for more than 10 years. I am a big supporter of Yeah Samake and his party Parti pour L’Action Civique et Patriotique ( Party for Civil and Patriotic Actions). In my opinion, the campaign is going very well. The people here support PACP. All the meetings have a lot of people attending. Many people attend PACP and have joined because they see the wonderful things SEM Yeah Samake has done for Mali. Everybody says there is no comparison between the leader of PACP and other party presidents. The reason is because Yeah Samake is an example of what a leader is. Why? Because he is honest, knows what Malians are suffering and also shows his love for his country through his work. PACP has the best chance to win this election.

When I was in school in Ouelessebougou, I have seen what Yeah Samake has done as Mayor. Now we have a high school in Ouelessebougou. Many of my friends drop out of school because they could not come to Bamako like me to study. Now they can go to a high school in their own community. I see that a new hospital is being built. Many of my relatives and our children would die because the hospital was too far away and too expensive. When the new hospital comes in 2014, it will help many people because it will be the biggest hospital in the entire region. We have clean water pumps now in Ouelessebougou. The living is better and the people there love Yeah Samake. Not because he is a child of Ouelessebougou but because of the great work he has done for the children and people of Ouelessebougou. Now great people from outside come to Ouelessebougou to see the many things we have that many other communities do not have.

I am sure Yeah Samake will be President because I can see only one way to change this country. Without Yeah’s ideas, we cannot change for the better. Conversations everywhere, people talk about what Yeah has done for Mali. From building schools in the villages to bringing medical help from the United States, donations of food to the refugees, scholarships for students, and the change in Ouelessebougou. I have faith in PACP because of its leadership. I have faith in Yeah Samake. And I have faith that Mali will be a great country again under Yeah Samake’s leadership. Among all leaders only Yeah has the good vision to change Mali.

That is why I support Yeah Samake for President of my country Mali.

Dra and Yeah

Eric Call: Intern for Yeah Samaké


My name is Eric Call. I am currently a student at the University of Utah studying political science, and a volunteer intern with the Samaké campaign. I take care of social media posts in French on Facebook and Twitter, and I also translate various items from english into french and visa versa. I am fully supportive of Yeah Samaké.

Je m’appelle Eric Call. Je suis actuellement étudiant à l’Université d’Utah en sciences politiques, et bénévole sur le campagne de Samaké. Je m’occupe des postes sur Facebook et Twitter en français, aussi je traduit des choses entre anglais et français pour la campagne. Je supporte Yeah Samaké complètement.

I support Yeah Samaké because he has and shows a strong moral character. The things that are most important to him are the things that are most important to people everywhere. Family, country, and people. I know that in supporting Yeah I am supporting a future for Mali as a country and Malians as a people. That’s the kind of man Yeah Samaké is, and that is the kind of president he will be. While having the opportunity to work with him I have seen all of the qualities I look for in a leader. I support Yeah because he is an honest, just, and moral man. The future in Mali is bright! Join us in supporting Yeah Samaké for president in Mali for 2013!   #isupportyeah                                  firstfam2

Je supporte Yeah Samaké parce-que il a et il montre une caractère morale forte. Les choses qui sont les plus importantes pour lui sont les choses qui sont les plus importantes pour les gens partout. Famille, pays, et peuple. Je sais qu’en supportant Yeah je support un futur pour Mali en tant que pays, et les maliens en tant que peuple. C’est ça le genre d’homme qu’est Yeah Samaké, et le genre de président qu’il sera. Pendant l’occasion de travailler ensemble avec Yeah j’ai vu toutes les qualités que je cherche dans un dirigeant. Je support Yeah parce-qu’il est un homme honnête, juste, et moral. Le futur à Mali brille! Joignez nous en supportant Yeah Samaké pour la présidence de Mali en 2013! #jesupportyeah


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Go Team Samaké!

My name is Kaitie Jowers, and I proudly support Yeah Samaké!  I am a freshman studying Political Science at the University of Utah, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be an intern for Samaké2013.  I love the work I do and I am doing it because I strongly believe in the change that Yeah Samaké can bring.


This is a site dedicated to Yeah Samaké, Malian Presidential candidate.  We are the volunteers–we are not in this for the money or the glory, we are in this because we know Yeah can bring positive, effective change to his country.  We believe that Mali is very important; even if we do not live there (or have never been there), we know that what happens in Mali can influence the rest of the world.  If and when Yeah is elected, we know his leadership abilities, integrity, and accountability will be the force that Mali needs to rise up out of poverty.

A little about Yeah: Niankoro Yeah Samaké was born and raised in poverty in Ouélessébougou, Mali.  His father suffered incredible economic sacrifice to send all 18 of his children to school.  Due to this dedication to education, Yeah went on the complete a bachelors degree in teaching English as a second language in Bamako, Mali and then earned a masters degree in Public Policy Administration at Brigham Young University.  Yeah became director of the Mali Rising Foundation in 2004 which has built 14 schools so far.  In 2009, Yeah returned to Ouélessébougou to run for mayor, and was elected with 86% of the vote.  He has revolutionized his hometown into one of the top ten cities in Mali.  He has earned the respect of his peers and was appointed as vice president of the League of Mayors.  Yeah was recruited in 2011 to run for president with the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP).  Yeah plans to transform Mali into a model of real democracy and improve the education system, revamp the health system, and reduce the damning effects of corruption.

We hope you will join us in support of Yeah Samaké!  If you want to get more involved, please email us at  Check out the “Connect” tab to connect with us on social media! #isupportyeah

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