Clayton Christensen endorses Yeah Samaké!

Professor Clayton Christensen endorses Yeah Samake! Professor Christensen is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth and his ideas have been widely used in industries and organizations throughout the world.

Yeah has the opportunity to become a significant leader in that nation. I want to describe what I see in this man. He has an instinct for networking people, for pulling them together, and to recognize that he as an individual can’t do much, but he has the ability as a leader to collaborate and build support…

He is a very engaging leader.

He could have stayed in America or gone to Europe and had a very successful personal career in his field of training but him and his wife decided to return to Mali and use their skills to change their part of the world. 

In an area that is filled with corruption, he is an honest man with great standards. He has grounded himself in a way that few people in that nation have. 


Anthony Porrello supports Yeah!

Anthony Porrello is based out of the San Diego, California area. He is an incredible supporter of Yeah Samaké and he has become one of the official photographers for the Samaké 2013 campaign. Thank you for your support, Anthony!
Anthony says, “Under Yeah Samake’s leadership, I am confident that Mali will play a big role in the future of Africa. Mr. Samake’s educational and economic reforms will move Mali steadily forward to resolve its problems and solidify its position as a fully independent member of the the family of nations.”

Mr. Ibrahim Traore, National Youth Bureau in Mali supports Yeah

– Mr. Ibrahim Traore, as a member of the national youth office, and as a leader who is confident that Mr. Yeah Samake will bring change, why do you support Yeah Samake?

-Why do I support Yeah Samake?  That is a great question. As it is today in Mali, the majority of people are poor. Why did I come to support the PACP? Because here, the poor can speak and be heard. I am here because I am poor. I see poverty everywhere I look in Mali, and so I joined the PACP.

In other parties the president comes, he has his own ideas and he doesn’t listen. But with the PACP the poor man can share his ideas. They are considered and if they seem like they will work the ideas get applied.

With the situation as it is today we must bring about change ourselves. If you give a man 10,000 francs in five days time, the money is gone. How then will he live? In suffering. That is how we feel today. But if you participate in change yourself, you will take the money and use it to get a goat. Ten years later, the goat will have helped the man develop. His family will have developed, the community and the village also. Then Mali itself will develop. That is how it worked in the United States and we need to imitate that.

Thank you.

-Thank you very much.

34 days to the election! Updates from Mali

We have received so many updates recently from the campaign in Mali. There are so many exciting things happening! Just over a month until the elections…will you help us win? Samake 2013 – Yeah Samaké for President!

Youth Movement in Mali


Recently our youth bureau headed by our youth leaders, Sibiri Mariko and Salif Tigana, launched a new project. They created a short video showing Yeah’s biography and all the things Yeah has done for Mali. The great thing about this video is that it is transferable by phones. 3 out 5 Malians possess a phone, if not more. This will allow the transfer of this video and in essence, create a ripple effect throughout the country of Mali. When one individual receives this video, he or she will likely forward it to at least 10-15 friends. We have over 5000 active youth leaders situated in the 8 regions throughout Mali. As each of them sent this message to at least 15 of their friends, 75,000 people viewed this video. Even if each of them only shared it with 5 friends, Yeah’s message would reach nearly 375,000 people. All in a matter of days, even hours.

In addition, our youth bureau is going full steam ahead by showing this video on projectors during the nights and on computers and notebooks during the day in all the communes in Bamako, the capital city.  We hope to spread to the rural regions as well with the video, but given that this video is transferable, we can just simply send this to our section leaders in the different rural towns and have them show it and spread it among their communities.

Tablets help youth spread the word

Tablets 1

As our youth and supporters continue to spread the word throughout Mali, they need the resources to share this message. Realistically, Yeah cannot travel to every village (often at least 4-10 hours away) to share his vision. They would like to use tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy 7.0) to download the videos and take them around to the rural villages to share the message of hope and change. A tablet costs about $200. They have already started to do this with tablets purchased by the campaign and it has been incredibly successful as we share Yeah’s vision!

72 Villages gather to support Yeah

The chiefs of the 72 villages of Djitimou gathered to discuss how they could better support Yeah’s candidacy.

A little back history: Yeah Samaké was born in Ouélessébougou and currently serves there as its Mayor. Ouélessébougou is one of the villages of the many villages that make up the area of Djitimou. In a village, the chief of the village is considered the guide and elder of the village and gaining their support is essential to gaining the villagers support. Each village can contain about 5,000 to 15,000 villagers. Hence, getting the support of the Chief of the village is essential to the success of the campaign. When we go into villages, one of our main stops is the Chief of the village. Their blessing ensures the success of the campaign in that village.

Villages 1

Billboards in Bamako

The team has erected 20 billboards throughout Bamako, Mali. The billboards follow a common theme of asking the Malian people to turn the page on 20 years of bad government, bad education, bad healthcare, insecurity and social injustice and welcome a candidate of change: Yeah Samaké. Incredible! These billboards will remain until the elections on July 28.

Billboard 1 Billboard 2

Campaigning underway in Mali

code bonne conduit

Yeah signed the “Code of Good Conduct” for political parties in Mali as the campaigning begins. Read more online at,152549.html

“With this signing, political parties and candidates commit to promote a republican spirit by creating a climate of trust between the parties and party coalitions, as well as between other competent authorities in the elections.”

Letter from Marissa Samaké


Read campaign updates in a letter from Marissa Samaké at

Read some recent newsletters:

Support is growing rapidly in Mali. Have you seen the PACP Mali Facebook Page? “Like” it for close-to-home updates on the campaign in Mali (it may be in French, but we can all understand the universal language of pictures).

Jim Sorenson supports Yeah Samaké!


Yeah recently met up with Jim Sorenson, a well-known businessman and entrepreneur in Utah, during a trip to Ghana. Watch this video to listen to the latest endorsement from Mr. Sorenson! We are honored to have his support.

Ibrahim Nagi Traore – Member of PACP supports Yeah


-My name is Ibrahim Nagi Traore

-Ibrahim Nagi Traore, as a member of the national office of the PACP, which has committed it’s support for Yeah Samake due to his dedication to the development of Mali, why do you support Mr. Samake?

-I decided to support the PACP because it is a young party, most of its leaders are young people, because they give each Malian the opportunity to play a part in the reconstruction of Mali. The PACP is different than the large political parties whose practices have destroyed this nation.

That is my motivation. I came to support the PACP because I would like to participate in the reconstruction of my country.

While I don’t know Yeah personally, but seeing what he has already accomplished I believe that he is the kind of person that wants to work with the people. That is what inspires me to support him.

-Okay, thank you.

-Thank you.

Diallo soutient Yeah Samaké

-Omar Diallo, as a youth leader, I would like to know why you support Yeah Samake.

-Thanks for asking me that question. I have been thinking about it a lot recently and now, I feel prepared to answer it.

First, Yeah is young. He is young like the first black president of the United States. As a young person, Yeah has a clear vision for the future.  He wants to help the youth of Mali. He wants to preserve the identity of young people. He wants to show the world that the youth of Mali are determined.

It is said that each generation has a mission. We have the choice to complete our mission or to neglect it. We are not here to neglect it. We are dedicated the completion of our mission.

I know that Yeah Samake is a determined man. I know that he is an honest and a brave man.

Seeing his plans for the future, and the promises that he has made, it is clear that he is a man of heart and that he is a man capable of supporting young people. He has demonstrated that he is willing to accomplish things for Mali, the Mali of today.

His slogan is a great example of his goal “A new day for Mali”. I would add to his slogan by saying that it is not just a new day for Mali, but a new day for Africa and a new day for the world.

This is a dream that we can accomplish together, a future that we can build together.

Regardless of what others may say about Mr. Samake, I know that Yeah is a great man, he is an intelligent man.

If you will permit me to express myself, I would like to point out the many things that we have already seen him do. We have seen him build schools and establish communities.  We have seen him build fountains for communities so that they will no longer suffer from disease. We have seen many other projects completed.

This is the first time that I have had the opportunity to travel and thanks to Yeah Samake,  I have had the chance to see the French Ambassador to Mali. I am grateful to have the chance to see and to learn from such men.

It is thanks to Mr. Samake that I have had the opportunity to express myself in such a way and to highlight the determination of young people here in Mali. All of this is thanks to him.

Again his excellency Yeah Samake. And again, like we saw the other day the warm welcome he gave us as Mayor of Ouelessebougou and a future presidential candidate, he truly has come to submit himself to welcome us seriously and with an open heart as well. We would like to thank him, and we know that he will never ever leave the youth of Mali alone, and we support him to the death. Thank you.

Malian Soccer Tournament in France sponsored by PACP


photo 5 photo 3

980003_10152887436120304_400401865_o 967245_10152887408640304_565940742_o

The PACP in Paris gathered Saturday, June 7, 2013 where Malian youth gathered for a soccer tournament. The cup was presented by the President of PACP, Yeah Samake in Montreuil, France in the finals.


Service before Politics by Dramane Bagayako

IMG_1945 IMG_1916

On Wednesday June 5th, the doctor Sidiki Aboubacar Fomba, Secretary General of PACP visited Baguineda. The visit was not political. We went to offer free cataracts to some of the people in Baguineda. Many men, women and even children came to get help with their eyes. Usually in Mali, a cataract surgery costs 50,000 CFA. In Mali, many people will go blind because they cannot pay this amount. Baguineda is not the first area we have visited to do this work. We also have visited many villages with an eye doctor and a surgeon to give free treatment in the village.

An older man I talked with started to cry as we talked about the surgery. He had not been able to see properly for many years. He said that in all his life, he had never seen a party or politician that serves the country and wants to develop it. He went on to say that he trusts PACP with the country of Mali and that he is ready to work with us.

I love this about my party PACP. We always try and help people in Mali. Many of us youth want to be like SEM Yeah Samake, because he is a good man who loves his people and wants the country to be prosperous. Vive PACP! Vive Yeah Samake.

** NOTE: 50000 cfa is equivalent to $100

Upcoming events in Utah!

Have you met Yeah? You need to meet Yeah Samaké. His story will blow you away. He is an inspiration to everyone that meets him. Join as us at one of the last events in Utah before the election! He is returning to Mali shortly to campaign rigorously during the last 50 days of the election.

1302-15 084

Open House with Yeah Samaké

DATE: Thursday, June 6
TIME: 7:00pm
PLACE: Home of Roger and Dawn Hill, 497 N. Bald Mountain Dr., Alpine, UT 84004

Meet and Greet at City Creek Commons with Yeah

DATE: Friday, June 7
TIME: 8:00 – 10:00 am
PLACE: City Creek Commons, 50 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Light brunch will be provided.

Directions: The Commons Room at City Creek is located just behind Deseret Book on South Temple.  There is a beautifully carved wooden facade in front of the brick building with “The Commons”  written just above the door. Guests can park in the parking garage at City Creek by entering on South Temple. The parking garage entrance is just before Utah Woolen Mills.  Once in the parking garage, park near the closest elevator you can see on your left (elevators are in the areas painted orange).  Take the elevator up to the first floor.  You should see the fountain and Nordstrom when you come out of the door.  The Commons entrance will be to your right just past Lens Crafters.

Come and meet Yeah, hear his story, and learn of his vision for the people of Mali. Please feel free to bring friends.

If you are unable to attend, contact us directly! If you would like to reach Yeah Samaké for a meeting, appointment, or other event, you can contact his North America Campaign Manager, Elisabeth Jessop, directly at (801) 389-5587 or

We hope to see you there!